Tuesday, November 22, 2016

ERC Commissioners junked Duterte's call for their resignation: Where is delicadeza?

Directors of the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC), the agency which President Duterte accused of dabbling in corruption, did the unthinkable---they are not resigning and are literally standing against the President. Atty Jose Salazar, who is in the midst of this serious controversy, wants an audience with Duterte to convince the president that it is to the best interests of everyone that every single member of the ERC stay in their sinecures.

Huh? Are you mocking the President? Duterte, the President, knows what he is doing. The President will not order the sacking of these people if the information is not verified. The Chief Executive has spoken and people like Salazar should follow.

This is a test case. Duterte is right---they should resign while authorities are investigating allegations of graft and corruption against them, members of the ERC board.

Is Salazar and the rest of the board ready for the consequences? Meron pa ba silang delicadeza? I mean, they should step aside because that's the right thing to do.

And the one calling for their resignation is not an ordinary person--he is the President. Why disrespect the President?

This is a very interesting story to watch. Will Duterte back down? Or will he impose his will upon these people?

I think many people will back the President on this issue because Duterte is right on this.

Let's see how this develops. If these people are not removed from their sinecures, then, Duterte is all huff and puff, not the President we thought he is. He is just a small town bully, preying on small drug pushers and addicts and is extremely ineffectual against lawyers, like Salazar.