Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Ramos accuses the Duterte administration of going backward

Former president Fidel Valdez Ramos has been extremely vocal and critical of his "protege" Rodrigo Roa Duterte. Ramos described the Marcos burial as a "step backwards" for the Duterte administration. It seems that the issue is still a very emotional issue for Filipinos, especially Ramos who was one of those who stood against the dictatorship and re-drew history. He specifically called for a presscon just to express his disgusts against the decision to allow the burial to push thru.

Ramos was so emotional, he even called for the prosecution of members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the Philippine National Police (PNP) who reportedly "connived" with the Marcos family on implementing this travesty. For Ramos, they committed a grievous crime which dishonored the military's reputation as an institution.

Many people admired Ramos for standing up for what is Right. And that comes from an eighty two year old guy. What about those younger officers who went with Ramos and also sacrificed their futures to condemn what was wrong then?

I am talking about a Honasan who accompanied his former boss, Enrile, and declared the dictatorship an enemy? It seems that these two already forgot themselves and they themselves erased their legacies for the Filipino people.

How about the likes of Abe Purungganan, and those young military officers who threw caution out of the window and sacrificed their futures just to express their opposition to the evils of those times? Did they also forgot what they already did and like others, threw their legacies out of the window and for what?

Thirty years and many have forgotten why God put them in the Philippines in 1986 in that place at that time.

Thirty years and because the system remained a disappointment, these men and women who stood against the Strong Man and brought him down, are the very same ones who now sing Hossannas before the cadaver of the one who literally brought the entire system near the pits of depression.

At least two generations of Filipinos suffered not just in economic terms but also in sociological terms and we forgot ourselves momentarily during those times. And now we have regained ourselves and are now once more, proud of our being Filipinos, we are now being forced to accept a governance proposition that goes against every single Filipino values and democratic traditions.

Why are we allowing this to happen to us? We are on a roll and now, we are slowly slipping back to the very situation which caused us to tank 30 years ago, as a nation? Are we a nation who loves to see ourselves always behind and always being mocked at?