Monday, December 5, 2016

Lets get MAD (Marcos-Arroyo-Duterte)!

As they say, " like minds gravitate toward each other" and this is obvious with the political grouping of the Marcoses, the Arroyos and Duterte, which I now call MAD.

Look at history---it was Marcos who pushed the envelope by declaring a conjugal dictatorship. He advocated strong man rule, which is in the extreme Right of the political spectrum. By doing so, Marcos got the brutal end of it---he lost power in the most ignominious way.

Arroyo tried to replicate what Marcos did in a constitutional way--she became a beneficiary of EDSA Uno, cheated her way towards a second term, and managed to control the country for nine long years.  Like Marcos, Arroyo's term saw the rise of extrajudicial killings (Ampatuan massacre was the highlight), and an economy which acted like an old crank of a machine. The standard of life deteriorated because people close to the Powers-That-Be helped themselves with the people's monies.

Now, because of the failure of the previous administration to hasten the flow of economic gains to the lower and lowest sections of the socio-economic classes (a fault not entirely to be blamed on them--it is more of the nature of the state economy), discontent grew and became a silent movement among the majority. This disgusto became all the more serious when cases of corruption blew out of proportion, with known preachers of the Tuwid na Maan themselves involved in robbing people of their monies. The discontent became the reason for millions to veer towards strong man rule---a proposition which Marcos once toyed with in destructive fashion.

Duterte and his men discovered this and used it to win the elections. The people, hungry for true change, thought that they had in Duterte the caudillo that they so prayed for for many years. They saw in him a mythical figure, someone like an FPJ on horseback. This very same image saved Aguinaldo from historical infamy, gave Magsaysay and Ramos the presidency and even made Panfilo Ping Lacson one.

The only problem is, Duterte is suffering from logorrhea-like symptoms, and is now being peeled slowly but surely, as a 70 year old Don Quixote de la Mancha. His over indulgence in ridding this country from drugs is getting to be too annoying and is even contributing to the growing suspicion that, he, himself, is on drugs or probably protecting those who are real drug lords. Just take a look at his photo with suspected drug lord Peter Lim.

Duterte's personal vendetta against his arch-rival Senator Leila de Lima has entirely politicized his campaign so much so that it has veritably lost its credibility. Yes, Duterte's minions, his security forces continue their blood-thirsty attacks against poor drug addicts in thousands of communities throughout the archiepelago, killing innocents in the process, while not improving the situation on the ground. Shabu remains the staple drug and is continually being peddled not just in Metro Manila but in different parts of the country. The only thing that changed is the price of this drug---it spiked.

While Duterte harbors views that, in truth, are slanted in favor of the people, yet, his half-heartedness in implementing what he thinks is right, is contributing towards a slow diminution of him as a leader and thereupon, is eroding the trust of the People in the process. While surveys try to show a different picture, but nowadays, people are mocking these surveys, a clear manifestation of the loss of trust.

These three tragic political personalities are espousing a value that has been rejected many times by the Filipino people--one in 1986 and the other, in 2001. Actually, it nearly went on third albeit became a frustration because of the amateurish handling of a motley crue of soldiers.

Now, the elites who back these three personalities are gunning for the kill---they want to re-create the very same environment which allowed them and their forebears to monopolize every single affair of this country.

This environment is what we call, a regime of impunity where they are allowed to annihilate and kill their political and economic enemies while helping themselves with the people's monies---and getting away with it without their heads being cut off.

The Marcoses are asking not for forgiveness but for forgetfulness. Forget about the deaths. Forget about the abductions. Forget about the ham letting. Forget about the sonas. Forget about the thievery. Forget about the billions stashed abroad. 1986 has cured us all. We survived. We got ourselves elected into office, proof that we now have rehabilitated ourselves and is ready for some more thievery and getting away with murder.

Arroyo is likewise asking the very same thing--forget about the billions we stole, forget about hundreds of us getting extremely wealthy for 9 years of carving the country into economic fiefdoms and forget about the people suffering economically during those years. The Supreme Court has cut my neck brace and look at me now.

Now, we are being asked---surrender your freedoms in exchange for peace and order. Give up your liberties in exchange for a drug free society.

To the Bangsamoros, forget about tribalism and agree on Federalism. To the Communists, forget about the Protracted People's War and be content with enjoying your sinecures. To the RAM-YOU, forget your dreams---your thoughts of dominating this country and of recovering what you lost during those turbulent years are over---we have given you power, just allow us to re-create the environment that allowed a few to slaughter the many.

We say to these parasites--- to hell with all of you! The Spirit that rose up and aroused the people from their stupor, is alive once more.

Now, the Spirit is filling the very hearts of this generation. It is awakening the consciousness of the People and the People are realizing their mistakes.

Down with MAD! Down with the oligarchs! Down with the elites of this country!

Let us slay the MAD ideology, these MAD thoughts, these MAD dreams! Let us replace them with the Katipunan ideals, the very foundation which kept this Republic alive, but let us change it, improve it, strengthen it.

We will not allow the petty Mustards to again seize and gain power. They had their chance and they blew it.

From the loins of the impoverished masses, from the depths of their anger and their frustration comes the Spirit, taking shape, taking definitive form of the Motherland with her bolo in hand ready to strike the enemies of her sons, those who robbed her people blind for years and got away with it and those who poisoned the minds of the Youth, making them sonnabulists and consumers of philistinism!