Sunday, December 11, 2016

Why ousting Robredo is not a legitimate opposition leader

The Liberal party and their cohorts are now actively discussing among themselves what to do with President Rodrigo Duterte. The public is being primed to accept that all of these things are being done in the name of human rights and of countering the fascist tendencies of Duterte. What is true and acceptable in all of these things is that the Liberals, along with the carpet baggers and the Liberal operators, are planning to maneuver out of naked fear--not of a repeat of martial law--oh no.

They are deathly afraid that, the next six months of the Duterte administration, the shift or locus of attention would now shift from drug lords to grafters in government or those who dipped their fingers into the public coffers during previous administrations and probably, even still, in this administration. There are loud "rumours" of the president's minions digging up the graft activities of these Liberals during the six year "Tuwid na Daan" administration. Many of these people are now being asked to choose the best option---cooperate with this administration or fight it all out.

With the rising anti-Marcos sentiment among the people, especially the middle classes, next year is the best time to tilt the balance of power. It is quite evident how these movements are sprouting left and right almost organically and without clear supports from traditional power sources. The Liberal leadership has seen this as an excellent opportunity to reprise its role as a "liberal democratic" reformer and has even christened Robredo as the leader of the "opposition."

Honestly, these Liberals have over estimated the people's sentiments. Clearly and unequivocally, the people disdained the Liberals and conversely, even some people appointed by Duterte in his government. There is now an increasing realisation among the people that both camps are destructive to this country and are not the people competent enough to lead this country to better times.

Robredo is a different political personality. Compared with Cory Aquino, Robredo does not have the "moral ascendancy" of a mere housewife pitted against an intelligent strongman. That is surely not a narrative now being seen by the people.

We see someone totally concerned with the loss of power. We see a compromising politician, asking the President himself to retain her to power. Those statements show weakness. These statements indicate none of the values which we so desire for a figure to lead us.

Worse, these Liberals are trying to hijack the gains the people have already sustained in the past few weeks. They see these movements as tools for the resumption to power, whereas the people see things differently.

The people are now divided into three distinct camps: those who want true change led by well meaning people other than those of Duterte's and previous administrations. The second group are those who think of the resumption of the mustard like leadership as provided for by the Liberals and the third, those who think of Duterte as a credible populist leader who can lead a revolution, a true one, that would weaken the hold of the oligarchs to the economy and lead the path towards genuine change.

The thing is--Duterte is physically weak. He is afflicted by many illnesses due to his advanced age and if people think that he is most capable of declaring martial law, they are mistaken. People are ascribing more things to Duterte than what is really possible for him to do.

Robredo meanwhile, has not exhibited a stronger personality and a more magnetic one that would pull most if not all of the middle class to her. The thing is, Robredo is not a Cory. She is not even an Arroyo. There is an innate disability in character that is quite glaring, just like how people felt with Grace Poe.

You know what is the most ideal thing to happen?

1. First, for Duterte to gather all progressive groups and change agents, and isolate those from traditional political powers, and thereupon, launch a revolution. That would re-calibrate the country to square one POLITICALLY, NOT ECONOMICALLY.

Under a revolutionary government, Duterte can now form a Council composed of intelligent and nationalistic elements of Filipino society. This Council will act as a planning body which will now dispense policies to different agencies and departments of government.

2. Second, after fixing the political problems of this country, Duterte thru a revolutionary government will now shift their focus on further strengthening government thru industrialization. In the interim, create a socialist economy. Allow capital to flow in all directions, then create an economy that absorbs these capital inwardly, and then create a system that would allow these economic gains to trickle down to the lowest rungs of the economic structure.

Plan how the people's monies are to be spent. Prioritize on agriculture, then create strong industrial bases and then, leave the business community to fend for themselves but with strong regulations. Make the business community players swim in a very equitable playing pool.

3. After fixing the economy, shift focus on social welfare.