Saturday, January 21, 2017

Bato lost all moral ascendancy to lead PNP

It started with a bang and will end with a whimper, this anti-drugs campaign of the Duterte administration. What I am very worried about is that with just the whim of an obsessed man, it literally threw away more than 25 years worth of efforts at transforming our police forces into a civilian-oriented, human rights abiding security force.

In just seven months, our Philippine National Police (PNP) became more brazen and more blood thirsty. Seven months ago, I wrote in this blog my apprehensions at using the anti-drugs campaign of government as a centerpiece propaganda of this administration. Now, my fears are beginning to appear. Instead of becoming a legacy of Mr. Duterte, this anti-drugs campaign is turning into his worst nightmare.

Is this the fault of PNP chief General Bato dela Rosa? Yes. Why? He showed insincerity at the very onset of the campaign. Look at how he handled the case of the mayor of Leyte. Look at how he conducted himself when he faced those accused of being involved in drugs--Bato told the public that he's friends with this and that--that sent a wrong signal to other PNP officials. Bato became a victim of his own undoing. His propensity of taking the focus to himself became Bato's weak point and it was exploited by his enemies inside the PNP organisation.

Now, Bato faces a most serious challenge in his entire career and worse, it came from Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez, the President's political ally. Alvarez is calling for Bato to tender his resignation to avoid an obvious humiliating backlash which could affect President Duterte.

If he does not mete the proper punishment to those responsible for the gruesome murder of this Korean and other so-called drug suspects, Bato should definitely resign for delicadeza and for command responsibility.