Saturday, February 4, 2017

Internal cleansing of the PNP is necessary

Businessman Jee Ick-Joo murdered right inside
the national police headquarters
This is a very interesting read regarding this Jee Ick-Joo murder in the Philippines. It revealed who is really behind the murder of the South Korean businessman right inside the PNP headquarters. See link:

What is too disheartening about this expose is the undeniable fact that several of our cops are into assassinations and they are using the Oplan Tokhang or Double Barrel campaign as "cover" to the real reason why they are killing alleged "drug suspects" or "drug pushers."

To the credit of PNP chief General Bato dela Rosa, he has revealed this early on in the campaign, that is it inevitable that some members of the PNP would be involved in such criminal activities and would be using the campaign as a ruse. The PNP is living up to its name of being one of the most corrupt police organisations in the world.

Really now, the PNP organisation is worth saving because these scalawags are just a few, a miniscule part of the entire force. These people are using their "chapas" as cover to their real mission in life, which is to kill, rob and do other despicable things in the name of money.

I have many friends in the service who want real change to happen in their lifetimes, cops are real people like us who want nothing more than be part of an organisation of men who dedicate their lives for the protection, not for the alienation, of the citizenry. Cops are part of the professional forces and they are an essential component of our aim to improve the standard of life here in the Philippines.

I believe, strongly, that these cops want nothing more than be part of an organisation who protect the citizenry from criminal elements. When a cop turns rogue, and becomes a criminal, that is one less cop to protect a 10,000 Filipinos. Imagine that.

I don't know about you, but if I am the Chief PNP, I would immediately fire those involved in this murder of Jee Ick-Joo. I would not subject them to just push-ups----firing them from the service is the most appropriate punishment. When a cop loses discipline, pushups are lame remedies.

Is Bato too afraid with these cops? If I am the Chief PNP, I would slap criminal charges against these cops, fire them from the service and see to it that they are either in jail suffering life imprisonment or deep six feet underground.

This is the problem with Bato dela Rosa---he has become a politician of a cop. Please sir, don't. The very first time General dela Rosa appeared on television, people thought that they have a strong ally on their side. Right now, Dela Rosa is showing very weak leadership qualities.

Sir, the PNP needs a strong leader so that everyone would not stray from the path. As things stand, General dela Rosa is either a wimp or simply, an idiot, a man who only knows how to fire a gun, and nothing else. Worst, some think that Bato is really a homosexual hiding behind Duterte's skirt.

Sir, if you think that killing poor drug offenders or small-time criminals contribute to the overall restoration of peace and order, you are mistaken. As they say, talagang pang small time itong si Bato. Takot maging sa kapwa les-pu.

Sir, execute your mission. Annihilate these rogues in uniform. You either jail them or kill them. These people don't deserve to live simply because they have violated their sworn oath, and when a man breaks his own oath, there is no more reason for him to live. It is as if he loses his self, his soul. What is a man without his soul, right sir?