Friday, February 24, 2017

Did Duterte broke the law when he declared the celebrations of EDSA on the 24th?

I'm really not worried by the action of President Duterte to commemorate EDSA People Power on the 24th instead of the 25th.

This is just a matter of historical interpretation---is it right to declare it on the 24th, the time when the strongman Ferdinand Marcos issued his last political gasp when the people themselves defied his national emergency order or on the 25th when he left Malacanan in a hurry and we saw Cory Aquino as his replacement.

For some, the 24th was the day when people power happened--the historic day when the people truly exhibited dissent against strongman rule. In a way, Duterte's decision made us re-consider because if we do celebrate it on the February 25th, it is like saying that we are celebrating an Aquino's ascension to power, instead of reliving the glorious days when the people themselves had shown defiance against the dictatorship.

So, for me, this issue depends on whose side of history do you count yourself in. The fact is---several people actually thinks celebrating EDSA people power should actually be a week-long thing. That's another topic.

What I'm worried about is that this declaration making February 25th is based on legislative fiat. Duterte might have broken several laws or executive orders when the date was changed. The president should have been advised that changing the date is not as arbitrary as what he wants.

Hay naku.