Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Failure of peace talks, a serious tactical error by old CPP leaders

I hate to say this, but the old group of Jose Maria Sison has committed a serious tactical error when they allowed themselves to be fooled by Mr. Rodrigo Roa Duterte. They forgot the one thing that enable them to survive for all these years, and that is, using scientific methods in making assessments about the socio-economic and political environment. I blame them for trusting their feelings instead of recognising first hand that Mr. Duterte is simply no different from his predecessors. Joma was too trusting and too presumptuous that he believed in his mind that he can simply make Mr. Duterte toe the CPP line all because Mr. Duterte is his former student.

First of all, Mr. Duterte is too proud of himself and some say, too full of himself, that he wants people to kowtow to him, praise him like an Emperor and do what he wants them to do. These peace talks fail because Duterte has his own ideas and Mr. Sison etal have their own. Duterte's understanding of the people's struggle is as shallow as a stream during a drought. Duterte suffers from a sickness which his idol, former dictator Ferdie Marcos once suffered---the illusion of being a revolutionary, even a Socialist when all they are are Fascists.

Now I know why the People's War has not advanced the way other movements did in Vietnam, China and even Cambodia. These leaders are simply Caciques wearing Maoist uniforms. Like Mr. Duterte, Joma and his group of NDF leaders can't really shake off their true class roots. They are simply hippies who are inspired by the 1896 revolution without really understanding or had a correct interpretation of what that revolution was all about.

That 1896 Revolution was a classic manifestation of inter-class struggle---when an emerging professional class tried to wrest control of government from the dominant elite group composed of foreign colonialists and their wealthy Chinese counterparts. It was a power struggle with the aim of eradicating class discrimination.

The present condition of this country necessitates a revolution from below--an authentic revolt coming from the basic sectors of Filipino society. Our fight in this era is a fight against excesses of power and authority by Oligarchs, the dismantling of the traditional patronage system which has caused the growth of elitist domination and the creation of a better managed system.

Anyway, with this serious tactical error which exposed the Movement more clearly than how Marcos did during his time, the only solution to this is the emergence of New Leadership in the movement. This is an inter-generational fight that would only end with the emergence of a new generation of Filipinos whose only quest in life is the installation of a society which encourages fair play and a more carefully managed economy.

Instead of pursuing nationalist capitalism--which is the main Concept being pursued by hawks and supporters of US president Donald Trump-- Filipinos should pave the way towards the creation of a nationalist socialism which espouses protection of critical sectors of the economy while encouraging growth of enterprise for the sake of the majority.

Filipinos must accept the creation of a Council which will wrest power from traditional power centers and replace them with new, progressive forces whose goal is simply to improve the standard of living of Filipinos.