Tuesday, February 7, 2017

In cancelling peace talks--Duterte unmasked

NOW, there is simply no doubt about it--Duterte is Socialist as what Hitler was. Former German dictator Hitler once described himself as a Socialist, only to isolate himself and eventually say, he's a "national socialist"--whatever that means. During the campaign, Duterte pictured himself as a Socialist which immediately puts him as a threat, a risk, to the status quo.

Duterte even cursed several Oligarchs and impressed upon the people that he meant well, that he is for the eradication of endo and that he is only concerned with the welfare of the Filipino People.

When true Socialists heard that, several got goosebumps and supported him, and imagined him to be a potential Chavez who, from being a Colonel turned into a Socialist and became this century's progressive icon. The fact is, I just remembered even NDF leaders especially Joma Sison, Luis Jalandoni and several others mimicking Duterte's (in)famous fist sign.

With the cancellation of the peace negos, and Duterte even ordering his negotiators back, this just showed where Duterte's loyalties are----he is no different than his predecessors.

As what I have expected eversince--Duterte is a poster boy of the elite. He talks like a tambay but he can't simply shake off his real class roots--that of a cono, who gets what he wants. And when he does'nt, Duterte makes war.

What is laughable about all these is the stupidity of those who believed in him. I have to give it to Duterte--he fooled even the likes of "political analysts" like Joma. Worse, Joma and the rest of those who believed in these peace talks have placed the entire Movement in a very embarrassing situation. Their pronouncements, their statements after Duterte's declaration are totally unacceptable, and an embarassment to the entire progressive movement.

With their statements, these "leaders" have shown great weakness. They still want to talk when their enemy wants to fight.

Jalandoni even declared that the NPA will assume a defensive stance. What? Your enemy wants to annihilate you and you will just "defend" yourself. I thought the PPW is in the stage of defensive stalemate? Why a defensive war?

This has seriously put in doubt and in question the leadership qualities of these people. I hate to say it but I think we have had enough of these personalities. Joma and the rest of the NDF leaders in Utretch committed a grave tactical error that placed the Party and the movement in a very stupid position. They should resign their commissions and possibly tender their resignations. It is time for new leadership.

Otherwise, this will cause another split among the ranks of the revolutionary movement. My assessment is that even if Joma and his group managed to convince Mr. Duterte to sign off the social-economic agreement, this will simply not be enough to cause a bilateral ceasefire agreement.

My guts tell me that those who are with the Party right now are willing to fight Duterte with whatever they have right now. Duterte is a real threat to the Filipino People. With his unmasking, Duterte is now siding with the militarists who simply want to rule this country with an iron hand. This bodes ill to freedom and democracy loving Filipinos out there.

A full-blown war with the CPP-NPA-NDF will affect the economy and will put whatever confidence investors have with our country in serious doubt. It will not only exhaust the resources of the State but will be used by Duterte as reason for the declaration of martial rule.

I think Mr. Duterte should seriously reconsider his actions. Almost 90 percent of Filipinos do not want martial rule. I think Mr. Duterte is miscalculating his luck.