Friday, March 24, 2017

Circus crew behind Leni Robredo Impeachment: Trixie the so-called "lawyer" and A Lawyer by the Name of Bruce Rivera

I saw two interesting characters during the presscon of those who filed an impeachment against Vice President Leni Robredo. And that's how I realized one thing about Philippine politics---we have reached the height of transactional indecency. Really.

Take a pick of the names behind the Robredo impeachment: Trixie Cruz-Angeles, Atty. Bruce Rivera and an Undersecretary of the local governments. If you're a Congressman, will you now seriously consider supporting this impeachment considering it has been penned by a suspended lawyer and a lawyer serving Napoles, a convicted thief of the people's monies?

News reports describe Angeles as a "lawyer." Is she? The Supreme Court suspended Angeles for three years for swindling her client. The fact is, a lawyer friend even described Angeles' penalty as just a mild slap because, had it been others, that act of Angeles is highly criminal and deserves nothing more than a permanent ban in the practice of law.

That explains why Trixie, the monicker of Atty. "Rose Beatrix" Cruz-Angeles has been doing the rounds, praising Duterte to the highest heavens and coalescing with the DDS gang-syndicate, just to get a sinecure in government. During the Aquino administration, Cruz-Angeles got a comfy seat at the National Commission on the Culture and the Arts or NCCA. This is Trixie's "reward" for defending Pnoy against several brickbats thrown at him during his term.

Now that her principal is no more, Cruz-Angeles is now near prostituting herself before the Mammon, trying to court favors in exchange for another jab at a government post. Since last year, Trixie has been trying very hard to get a job from President Duterte, like how a so-called "political analyst-PR" female personality tries very hard to do. (This personality by the way, once served Vice President Robredo, but when she was exposed as double dealing and even dipped her hands on the PR budget of the VP, she was summarily fired. She has since harbored ill against the VP group.)

A source told me that even her alleged "client" and "boylet", Nicanor Faeldon who happens to head the Bureau of Customs now, did not even consider Trixie for a comfy post at the bureau. The fact is Faeldon wants her several kilometers away from him for her very serious sins against his group. Since I respect her, I will not even write in my blogs the several things Trixie did in the past.

How about Atty. Bruce Rivera? During the May 2016 elections, Atty. Rivera supported Grace Poe's candidacy only to jump ship later to President Duterte's camp. Everyone knows that Atty. Rivera is the counsel of PDAF queen Janet Lim-Napoles. Napoles is still in jail. The Solicitor General of Mr. Duterte, Atty. Jose Calida has just openly announced his plan to question Napoles' case before the courts, and charges of a deal is up in the air.

It really leaves a very bad taste in the mouth knowing that the lawyer of a despised pork barrel scam architect is now actively promoting this team of "lawyers" against a personality who know speaks against Mr. Duterte.

I have nothing against Atty. Bruce Rivera. It is not illegal for him to take part in this kind of political exercise but there is such a thing as decency. Is it decent for Atty. Rivera to take a role in this considering that he is now lawyering for a person who is being suspected now of entering into a deal with this administration in exchange for her freedom? Napoles has just publicly claimed that Duterte's nemesis, Senator Leila de Lima, has once asked her for a "lagay" and everyone knows that it's a lie. Napoles is really desperate to leave jail, and she is ready to indict everyone just to court this government's favor.

Is Atty. Rivera's role in this impeachment the exchange deal which people are fearful about? It must be Yes. Atty. Rivera should have exercised circumspection in the first place. Atty. Rivera is actively doing the rounds, and like Trixie, praising "Tatay Digong" to high heavens, and doing propaganda work in support of his administration when he knows that the people know that he's handling a high profile criminal? Of course, there is nothing in the Code of Professional Responsibility that forbades this, but by God! Wala na bang hiya man lamang na natitira sa ating mga abogadong tulad ni Atty. Bruce Rivera? Masyado siyang desperado para sa kanyang kliyente na handa niyang isangkalan ang matapat na gawa?