Thursday, March 23, 2017

Duterte--the master of Laban o Bawi

Several moons ago, Eat Bulaga, the country's most popular noontime show, treated us with a game called "Laban o bawi." This has been incorporated into the urban Pinoy culture, and according to my studies, became the most popular game up to now.

In fact, in our political games, I often describe them as "laban o bawi" types.

Just consider our state policy regarding the death penalty. In our Constitution, it is very clear that "no degrading human punishments" are to be meted against offenders yet we are now trying to re-institute the death penalty, which is the most extreme human punishment ever to be given by the state against its citizens.

Laban o bawi?

The death penalty is just one of many "laban o bawi" policies which our so-called leaders do in their lifetimes, as if we are just being fooled and tricked every single administration.

The worst ever administration whose policies are of the "laban o bawi" types is this administration, the Duterte administration.

Right now, I think National Youth Commissioner Aiza Seguerra and her wife are having a very hard time explaining how, from a "liberal thinker" his president was, to an extremist Duterte on the issue of "same sex" marriage.

Will Aiza stand up and explain this drastic change in Mr. Duterte's mindset?

How about the Scarborough Shoal issue? We gave Mr. Duterte a standing ovation when he announced before millions of wide-eyed Pinoys how he would just ride a jetski and head towards those disputed islands to plant the "Pinoy flag" there. Applause!

Then, all of a sudden, here comes Mr. Duterte, with his tail right between his old legs, telling us, and with his hands raised in submission, that " we can't do anything about China." Mr. Duterte just re-echoed what Mr. Raul Manglapus, our former disgraced Foreign Affairs secretary once told an OFW rape victim, that, in the event of a rape, instead of fighting one's attacker, a woman is advised to just " lie and enjoy."

Mr. Duterte wants us to just enjoy being raped by Chinks while he forbids Pinoy miners to get our resources for the benefit of millions of poor Pinoy families, neglected by years by government. You know why he does that? Because he wants his fellow Chinks to get it for themselves.

Well, no president ever said that even with the Japs right near our doorsteps in World War two. Not even Andres Bonifacio faced with enormous force from Spanish Colonizers ever retreated inspite of just having some rifles and bolos at hand?

Laban o bawi?

The most unfortunate thing is----Duterte's administration is just nine months old. How many more positions and pronouncements will we see changed in the coming weeks?

I bet ya, even his stand against mining, Mr. Duterte will surely change this and even his support to his "Leftist" and "Socialist" brothers and sisters with him in the Cabinet, this will surely change in the coming weeks or even days.

Mr. Duterte is slowly revealing himself before us, just like that demon who masqueraded as an "angel of light", yes, that one written in the New Testament.