Friday, March 17, 2017

Killing a troll--figuratively, that is

I just killed a troll last night, and boy, am I happy. I am very happy that I even treated myself a turon for a job well done.

Why am I glad? For one, I've tested my theory which I incorporated in my book, " The Art of the PR War" ( on how to handle pesky trolls. It really works. (For want of space, I will not divulge here the strategy I used. Just read it in my book).

Second, my measure of success is when the troll just stopped conversing with you and even befriended you. That's one troll down.

The secret really is PATIENCE. You have to be patient. Fighting a troll is like engaging a person in a debate. I'm not the best debater at the Ateneo de Manila School of Law debates (1998) for nothing. The best tactic is ABSORB and HIT. Try to understand where the troll is coming from, and then, hit him with your best alternative position. Use his own language in your responses.

When he goes ad hominem, absorb then hit him with an ad hominem attack as well. Treat every troll attack as a game. Don't lose your bearings.

In exorcising a troll, you better have lots of patience otherwise, you'll lose the game.

Online trolls are malevolent spirits. You have to conquer them, defeat them and use reason as your best weapon. These trolls propagate bad views. Offer them good views.

Expose how stupid they are. They may threaten you with harm, but don't be afraid. Fight back.

This is not the time for chivalry. Mess up with me and you're going to get it big-time too.

Time to hunt more trolls.

Hey, Maliwat, Maliwat....any more Maliwats out there??