Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Unmasking an old tard

It's really more fun to live in the Philippines. Really.

Every single day, we are treated with very interesting exchanges between and among so-called "popular personalities" who consider themselves "leaders of this country." And amazingly, we are always, always having some fun even though we are being mocked personally by these Leaders.

Take in the case of this seventy plus year old leader. Every day, we are hearing a lot of nasty things from him. He takes potshots at his political enemies, describing them as power-hungry, while he, well, he reportedly does not care if he loses his position. Really now? Then, why these animated outbursts?

During the May 2016 elections, we have been treated by a lot of good-to-hear stuff from this old tard. And we were ecstatic, every single one of us. At last, there is this seventy plus year old grandpa who understands what we have been going thru. Our daily struggles on our jobs, the uncertainties of work. Of how we are being unfairly treated by Big Business, particularly these Oligarchs who control most of utility firms, and those who supply our daily needs. How angry we are about graft and corruption and how the previous administration promised real change when all they did was large-scale robbery.

He told us what we want to hear while we forgot the realities of where he came from. He came from a city whose citizens approve of his draconian measures out of fear of being killed. He chastises dynasties and looks favorably only of his own. Many says he's your typical megalomaniac, the kind that looks proudly upon himself without regard of others.

He promised to end contractualisation, the scourge that afflicts the lives of many and the very reason why many of us remain poor. He promised to end corruption but all we now hear are his men helping themselves from kickbats and commissions from big and small companies.

He vowed to allow every single one of us to know what's happening inside government, only to be frustrated when he himself said he allowed China's ships to conduct a three-month "marine research" in the very territory which the world says is ours, without telling his trusted defense and foreign secretaries. He left them sulking in the dark, blind as mice. Had these gentlemen been Japs, we would definitely not hear anything anymore from them, what with them striking their bellies open with their samurais.

He even promised to ride a jetski towards those islands which we claim as ours, until we now hear him backtracking, even raising his hands in surrender just for US$16 billion worth of reported LOANS, not investments.

He even says he favors same-sex marriage only to, once more, backtrack, and tell everybody that it's against the very laws which he studied when he was young and what he uses to justify his killing of innocents and guilty alike.

He's not full of contradictions, just like how the Inquirer describes him and his Cabinet.

He's just full of shit.

Everyday that I hear him and listen carefully to his words, I am reminded of the passages I often read in the Bible, of how, nearing the End of Days, we will be treated by the antics of anti-Christs, people who are deceiving many by the silkiness of their words and the honey-coated promises that go out of their mouths.

God reveals these people before our very eyes, like how God told Adam of his sin, when he ate that apple.

It is now up to us how do we deal with it.

Would we continue living under a Deceiver's reign? Or we seek the Light.

There is always time for us to rectify our errors. God always forgive those who are led by Deceivers.