Wednesday, June 28, 2017

10 Little Things To do Before You Hit 60: End it with an Amen

Why sixty? Well, according to science, this is the time when aging really hits home. You start to feel human, and alive. Well, here are ten things you need to do before you hit 60.

1. Discover God and His laws. Nothing wrong with acknowledging that a superior Force do exists out there somewhere who created everything you see. Do research. Nothing harmful for discovering His laws.

2. Eat wisely. Yes, turmeric tastes awful. But its great for inhibiting the growth of cancerous cells within your body. Consider adding more herbs to your diet. Of course, not to mention drinking those juices, packed with vegetables and fruits.

3. Stop eating pork. Yep, do your research online and you'll find out that pork do harm your body. The more you eat of it, the more it harms your body. Yes, they are delicious, but what would be a better choice--add extra 15 years to your life or die before you turn 70? It's really your choice.

4. Do frequent visits to the mountains. Go hiking. Go camping. Go swimming in streams and rivers. If you can do it twice a week, best.

5. Write your thoughts. Go get and buy a journal, and a pen or pencil. Write your thoughts. I know there's a laptop, but writing and exercising those fingers are still the best ways to add more time to your life.

6. Do good. Don't mind what others do--mine yours. Eventually, when you meet your Maker, it is between him and you. As much as you can, do good things. It reaps benefits.

7. Exercise or get a massage every month. What is that extra 300 pesos spent for a 1-hour shiatsu or swedish or Thai massage if it can add more years to your life?

8. Expel negative thoughts. Encourage only happy ones.

9. Every thing you do, do it with excellence and mindful that it has an effect on others. Realising that, make every effort and act count for the benefit not just for yourself but for others. Do not be brash. Don't rush. There is time for everything. And for every act you decide to do, do it for the long-term not just to solve a momentary thing.

10. Pray. It works. There are lots of literature out there which tell the extreme benefits of prayer in one's life. Do it and do it now. When you pray, please consider this structure:

1. Recognize God and God's power. Praise him.
2. Humble yourself and admit that you sin.
3. Ask for his mercy and forgiveness.
4. Ask that God protect you from the Satans of this world.
5. Ask that the spirit of Wisdom be upon you so that you can discern what is the right thing to do always.
6. Ask whatever you want.
7. Punctuate it with invoking the name of Christ.
8. End it with an amen.