Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Time matters

I just realized how important Time really is. We live such short lives on this earth. Realizing that, one treasures every single second you let pass.

Realizing this, my world suddenly turns brighter. My purpose is revitalized. Make that 100 cell divisions matter. :-)

Do you know that the cells within us divide themselves between 40 to the maximum of 100 before it enters into what scientists call senescence. (The so-called Hayflick limit says 70-100) This division is necessary for our bodies to cope up with environmental factors that affect our existence. Scientists also know as far back as the sixties that ageing begins when our telomeres, that coating that protects vital information contained in our chromosomes slowly shortens. Geneticists explain that, when our cells divide, this telomores also loses in length because when cells divide, it eats energy which the telomeres produces. The more we eat, the more free radicals are released within our cell structures, causing destruction in our telomeres.

When we came into this world, we have about 15,000-8,000 long pairs of telomeres in our blood. As we reach 35 years old, this length shortens by about 3,000 and whatever we do in our bodies, it slowly shortens that by 65, its average length is expected to only measure abiut 1,500 pairs in our blood, making us age and weaken. Stress, obesity, pollution, unhealthy diets and lack of exercise are contributory factors for our shortening of telomeres.

There is a solution though--telomerase theraphy. If we add telomerase in, we actually repair and bring back some of the length of our telomeres. The fact is--scientists had discovered T-65, a telomerase activator. It is derived from the plant astragalus, a food plant which is traditionally used by the Chinese as a booster of qi.

Of course, this is about our ageing. I'm not even talking about how you lived your life, which is philosophical.