Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Bela Padilla is my Darna--sorry, Liza!

Don't get me wrong--- I was one among thousands who thinks Liza Soberano is a superstar to watch for. Soberano is still young, about 19 years old, and she has years ahead of her. She has a face to die for, and a body that other women of her age envy.

When ABS-CBN announced that she's the millennial's answer to Darna, many, including this Writer think of her as a miscast. For one, Soberano is still a young actor. She is still developing her skills, especially in expressing a wide range of emotions.

I think ABS-CBN wants Soberano as the Pinoy's answer to Gal Gadot, the quintessential Wonderwoman who rocked the scene with her angas scenes in the movie Wonder Woman. Millions raved for her as Wonder woman. Though she's already married and at 32 years old, but she rocked it. And you know why?

Gadot knows how to use her beautiful face and extremely athletic body to do justice to the role. She appeals to the millennial not because she belongs to this generation but she truly created a very nice persona as wonder woman. She's beautiful and tough. She's intelligent and brave. She's naive yet principled.

Soberano is too young for the role. Parang hinog sa pilit. She is too cute, too sweet and you can't really imagine her doing tough, ass-licking roles. 

Many would watch her, of course, because she has that magnetic personality on screen. Yet, I really don't see her as the right one for Darna.

Our Darna is a leader. For years, Darna has fought monsters of Philippine society. Imagine Liza Soberano fighting those monsters. You can't flash that sweet smile against tikbalangs. Baka reypin lang siya ng mga yun.

She should be packaged as how Koreans packaged their sweet pretty young things---as pretty young things. She has ten more years to do those romantic roles. Then slowly transition her to more mature roles. Again, I can't really imagine her as Darna.

Who among ABS-CBN's stable of stars do I think deserve a Darna? I think of two: Maja Salvador and Bella Padilla.

Someone criticized me for picking Maja since she's reportedly small (5'2 even 5'1). If she's Darna, many advertisers would bet on her. She's blossomed into this decade's mega, megastar.

Another person who deserves the Darna role is Bella Padilla. I see in her the young Vilma Santos. She is very beautiful, sexy and can act. She has that magnetic connexion with the masses. When she died in Probinsyano, many, I think, millions cried. Padilla can stand up on her own. What's good about her is that hindi nakakasawa siyang tignan. Her face is very appealing. And Bella is a versatile actor.

I hope ABS-CBN reconsiders its decision. If they push thru, Liza's career could dive south this early.