Friday, August 11, 2017

Duterte should create contingency plans before North Korea strikes Guam--if it does

After North Korea publicly announced that it is now capable of hitting any city in the continental USA with its nuclear tipped ICBM, US president Donald Trump threatened the rogue state with "fire and fury". Not to be outclassed, a Nokor general responded by describing Trump as a "man bereft of reason." The North Koreans then described in detail how they intend to launch 4 missiles from their secret base, and how these would fly by Japanese airspace to hit international waters 30 or 40 kilometers away from Guam, the nearest Pacific naval station of the US military. Analysts say this could probably happen on August 21, the day when US and South Korean troops usually hold their joint military exercises.

I don't know with you, but our government must seriously consider intervening between these two war freak countries. Guam is quite near us and these missiles could surely come pass or probably land near us or hit anywhere at us. These stupid monkeys are still testing how their missiles are performing and if they do launch those, and one or two of these missiles fail, the possibility of these missiles hitting the Philippines is big because our country lies at the middle of North Korea and Guam.

Or, if our Foreign Affairs secretary Allan Peter Cayetano thinks that better not to, at least the Duterte administration must consider creating a contingency plan to advise LGUs on what to do in case these war freaks do start the millenial war. Government must be prepared.

Kim Jong Un has been described by our President as an stupid man. North Korean generals shared with the international community how close they are in arming an ICBM with a nuclear warhead. These self-absorbed hawks are just waiting for Kim Jong Un's order to launch those missiles.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had given assurances that the US will not move for regime change. Meaning, officially, the US is still open for negotiations. And I think back channel talks have begun between the two states even though their two leaders are stroking the fire for a war.