Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Filipinos Foreigners Love: Bruno Mars

Who does not know Bruno Mars as half-Pinoy? His mother is half-Pinoy with some Spanish blood in her while his father is Puerto Rican-American. He grew up in Hawaii, exposed to various musical genres since both parents were performers.

This video below has now garnered 2.5 BILLION VIEWS and growing. It's the 3rd most watched videos on

The music is refreshing and new especially to those accustomed to urban pop, rap and rock. It has influences from Prince, and other Black funk singers. That's why it is appealing to more than 2 billion people (Or, am I exaggerating. These are views. Nevertheless, I think in actuality, this video has truly breached the billion people mark)

Why is Bruno Mars so successful he is even at Forbes Top 30? Well,

1. He's talented. He has a voice uniquely his, not a copy of this singer or that singer. When you hear his songs, immediately if you well informed, you'll identify it as "Bruno's"

2. He has his own style, which is a fusion of various other styles and genres.

3. He is real and simple. Take a look at his videos. It's not raunchy. It just sells music and fun.

4. He appeals to a cross-section of the global market because he does not want people to box him in a particular sound.

5. He does not use sparkles just to make himself sparkle. His voice and stage presence are his sparkles.