Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Filipinos Foreigners Love: 4th Impact

I don't care if they are not considered eye candy by some. And I don't fuckin care if they have been competing since 16 years ago, and just placing 8th or 3rd in major international competitions like UK's X Factor 2015, but 4th IMpact is simply amazing.

This girl band composed of sisters from a brood of 8, hails from Isabela, Cagayan, a province up North of the Philippines. They have been competing since 2001 because these girls want nothing more than put food in the table. Like 30% of Filipino families, the Cercado family's life is a hand-to-mouth existence.

Their father (who is reportedly sick with a brain illness) works as a scrap collector and seller while their mother works odd jobs. Mindful of their situation, the Cercado sisters decided to form themselves as a band and joined competitions to put food on the table.

Of course, they did not win the X Factor UK 2015 competitions because some fans think they are fakes. And who would not have that idea? They are impeccable on stage. They have amazing voices. They dance pretty well on stage and they have an electric presence which fans love.

However, two years had passed and we don't see them at the stratosphere of popularity yet. Why? Because I think they are mishandled. Like other Filipino talents who go global, the 4th Impact is stuck with doing covers that they forgot that one important thing that would really make them a success--an album or group of songs which they can call their own.

And you know why, until now, they are not selling records? I think because they believe that pop is the way to go. As for these girls, I think they are not really thinking what genre they want themselves in.

Hey girls, don't re-invent yourselves anymore. Cherly, Simon and Rita Ora already gave you your images--you are bad-asses. You have the voices, and the swagger. Just develop the swagger. Don't be a Adriana Grande---be a Jessie J. The world need bad ass girls now, after Destiny's Child or that British girl band sensation, " The Spice Girls." There is a market out there for singers and bands who sing songs for bad-ass girls.

And please, throw those diva costumes. They are not working. You are not fashionistas. Do the sexy urban outfits. That will do since Selena, one of the sisters, has a charm that borders on being demure yet sexy, like, as they say, a cat.

This video of the 4th IMpact which is now garnering close to 86 milllion views already throughout the world, should be seriously studied by whoever handles this band. This first audition video has shown the world how spunky Filipino girls are, and this is the image that the public loves about 4th Impact.

Don't do traditional pop, or ballads. Reinvent the wheel. Show some spunky, bad ass pop. Think of Bruno Mars or Jessie J or Rita Ora when you do your own original songs. Maybe thru 4th Impact, this is also a great time to introduce Pinoy Rappers like, Gloc9 unto the global stage.

A Glo9 song with 4th Impact would make it globally for as long as the song shows the underground urban culture that is sweeping not just the undercurrents but even aboveground Pinoy music lovers.

Go girls, show them what Filipina girls are like---demure, sexy and fighting for their place in the world. That should be your image. And, believe you me, there would be millions out there who would identify themselves with you and buy your records.