Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Filipinos Foreigners Love: Julia San Jose

Julia San Jose, a GMA7 artist may not be as well known as Sarah Geronimo is among Filipinos, but she is surely rocking it in the international scene!

Her cover of 'Despacito" which is the no. 1 hit of Justin Bieber is getting amazing and tremendous reaction from foreigners, especially Americans and Latinos who are going crazy about her. Her Spanish is impeccable.

She's cute. She's gorgeous. She's sexy and she has that voice that raise testosterone levels all over the world. This girl would go places if handled well.

Get her out of the Philippines and find a nice record producer who'll handle her in the States. She's better than other more popular Filipina singers I should say. I know she is not a belter like the others which is good since people are already tired of divas and they want nothing more than Sheeran types who are just simply amazing in interpreting songs. Julia could be a female Sheeran.

Or, she could likewise create her own style which, If I'm asked, she should be encouraged to do something like a Filipino Spunk song or ballads with attitude.


Check out for her other covers which got more than 10 million views already.

In this Despacito cover, I repeated it so many times, I lost count already. And everytime I did, I'm still satisfied.