Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Graftology and Our New Colonial Master

* Graftology--the study of kickbacks"

National Security Adviser Norberto Gonzales says the worst is over. I think not. There's always calm before a storm. And the absence of events prior to March 14 could be that calm.

Or, I could be wrong.

However, even though I'm wrong, it's totally surprising why anti-GMA groups suddenly ceased all actions and activities in preparation for that big March 14 rally (as being touted in the media). Why the cessation of all activities?

Could it be that groups have exhausted their resources? Maybe. Could it be that they heeded the call of Malacanan for a Lenten truce? Could be. Or maybe, just maybe, groups are so disunited right now that actions can't be coordinated properly? Possibly.

The deadline for Mrs. Arroyo to scrap EO 464 has been met by Arroyo. Could this be the reason? I doubt it. Because if this is the reason, then, groups are so trusting, so easy to guile by the wiles of the evil woman. Despite the scrapping of EO 464, truth continues to be muzzled by Malacanang. Wala namang nabago (nothing has changed). Officials continue to snub the Senate hearings. And the hearings are being discredited with the appearance of witnesses like Leo San Miguel who continues to mock us with their snobbery and high-handiness.

Businessmen like Leo San Miguel should not be allowed by the People to do business here. We don't need big-time operators like Leo San Miguel to further mock us with their so-called "expertise". He mocked the Filipino People. And that's the greatest sin ever to be done by just one person.

One thing is for sure--China remains a looming shadow in all our policy-making, as if we are now a protectorate of this emerging giant. China says its investments or commercial agreements here amounts to US$ 30 Billion, about US$ 21 billion in smuggled cheap goods.

We have a new colonial master---China.

More about this new colonial era in my other blog

By the way, my dear readers, I will be out for a couple of days to research about Philippine-China relations. After this "sabbatical", expect some explosive stories coming out of this blog.