Wednesday, June 10, 2009

People Power--antidote to Charter Change

Why do I say that People Power is the only solution that would prevent Congress from constituting itself as a Constituent Assembly and changing the Charter? Because, from all intents and purposes, Congress is really hell-bent on constituting itself as an assembly come July 2009. If they are really dead serious of provoking a justiciable controversy, they should convene themselves to allow oppositors to go to the Supreme Court for relief. Without a convention, there is no case.

Now, if allies of Mrs. Arroyo convene themselves, that shall formally open the Charter to revision. Even if oppositors file a case before the SC, the waiting period for the release of a decision would be sufficient time to change some of the provisions in the Charter. Before the pronouncement of a decision, allies of Mrs. Arroyo would have already revised the provisions on term extension and those economic provisions. It would then be foolhardy to again file a case questioning those changes before the SC because definitely, the SC would only resolve the question of the manner of voting instead of answering the very core issue of whether or not the act of Congress last June 2, 2009 can really introduce changes in the charter without the participation of the Senate.

If anti-charter change agents fail in causing the downfall of this regime, that would allow the rape of the 1987 Constitution and even if Mrs. Arroyo resigns and allows the May 10, 2010 elections, that is bad enough for all of us. Definitely, the House will introduce changes not just in the economic provisions, but also in the political as well as social justice provisions. This will affect all basic sectors, especially if the House tinkers with provisions on agrarian reform and political rights.

The only solution to a problem like con-ass and cha-cha is simply People Power. There is no other way than cause Mrs. Arroyo and her ilk to leave Malacanang. The continued presence of Mrs. Arroyo in power can be described as continually disastrous and destabilizing to all of us.