Sunday, June 28, 2009

David's Army

When God granted the Israelites' wish to have a King, God gave them Saul. Saul was the most handsome Israelite. He was strong. He came from a good lineage. Yet, when he disobeyed God, the Almighty went somewhere else and ordered His prophet, Samuel, to look for David.

David was just a boy when he slew Goliath. Goliath was the champion of the Philistines. After routing all of Israel's enemies, David eventually grew in strength and managed to succeed Saul to the throne. His reign lasted for more than fifty years and it was the time of glory for the Israelites.

This is recorded history from the first and second books of Samuel, the prophet.

Like the Israelites, we Filipinos share the same History, the same fate, the same frustrations, as the first Nation of God.

When former president Joseph Estrada was destroying our institutions, we asked God for a miracle and He gave us EDSA Dos. We looked around and found Mrs. Gloria Arroyo.

At first glance, Mrs. Arroyo was the perfect anti-thesis of Erap. She is an economist. She was formerly an academic and she enjoyed the full trust and confidence of some, if not, all of the nation's movers and shakers. We prayed for Justice and it was given to us by God, when Erap left office and gave the throne of power to Gloria.

Yet, like Saul, Gloria disobeyed God. Like Saul, Gloria lied before God. God withdrew His blessing and cursed Saul, just like what God did to Gloria. God allowed a malevolent spirit to devour Gloria's cursed soul and that's what happened. From the anointed, Gloria transformed into a devil enfant, more malevolent and more destructive than ever.

Since 2004, we Filipinos always ask for the Restoration of Truth and Justice in governance. Now, with the public declaration of Prof. Randy David's intense desire to slay the Goliath of our age, we now have the chance to prove to God that we, as a Nation under God, are on the Right side of History.

Prof. David's act is just an example of how we, small people, must rise up to the challenge of our age. We must be like mini-mes, mini-Davids who'll stand up against the Philistines of our age.

The challenge I put forth---let's form a national army of Davids.