Sunday, June 28, 2009

Age and Immortality

Necrological services were held last night for Manong Jules Fortuna. Friends were there to listen to the eulogies of Manong's friends, like Neal Cruz of the Philippine Daily Inquirer and Satur Ocampo, former colleague in the underground. Last night was an opportunity to revisit the works of Manong Jules, both as a journalist and as a fighter for the Causes of the People. And it was the last time for friends to see him because he'll be flown tomorrow to Romblon, his hometown. He'll rest there.

As for those left behind, its difficult to pick up the pieces after this sudden departure of Manong Jules. I mean, who now will continue his legacy, his struggle?

Hearing my friends leave ages me. I now think that I'm really old when I'm just 38 years old. Yes, I was born January 8, 1971 and being just a tad younger than Chiz or Alan Peter Cayetano feels like am already a relic.

Michael Jackson wanted to be young forever. He even altered his face just to prove a point. But, is it age that kills people? Is it even death that makes people feel their mortality? No.

I remember Bertrand Russell when he said that after his death, his body will just rot somewhere. True. Our bodies will be eaten surely by maggots and with gusto.

Yet, the things we do on this earth will surely live forever. That is the holy grail. That is the cup of immortality.

If you want to live forever, make this world a better place for everyone.

Don't steal.
Don't kill.
Don't cheat.
Don't lie.
Don't harm nature.
Live and let live.