Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson--the Voice of My Generation

The one legacy that Michael Jackson left us, is that he sang the very song that defined the Spirit of my generation.

Yes, I grew up listening his songs. Like me, most of the present crop of our leaders grew up dancing with Michael's songs. They even admitted they even mimicked his dress and his dance moves.

My generation grew up with most of us wearing white socks, tight jeans, loose big t-shirts and "de-syete" haircuts. It was a time of Friday night parties lasting up to the wee hours of the next morning, of going up to Eagles Nest in Antipolo City and hanging out with friends. That was also a time of unbridled rebellion, of questioning everything that exists and of going to the streets to tell the world that there are still some out there that do not agree with what's happening.

Let me share with you one of my favorite Michael Jackson songs. I admired him when he was still a kid. This song I offer to all of our leaders. Listen to the lyrics and relish the melody.

This is, I think, the song that really define my generation. This song also defined my personal beliefs and principles. The title is " I gotta be Me." He sang this with utmost passion, as if this is his personal longing. Michael worked early in life, pushed to the brink by his father. In one of his later interviews, Michael said that his favorite song is " Childhood", which he wrote himself. That song was very personal to him. I think though that this song, " I gotta be me, " is that one song that really summarized Michael's life.