Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson--The Legend Lives On

Despite what some people say, that Michael Jackson's life has been a see-saw affair, a veritable roller coaster ride to fame then infamy, there can be no doubt about his enormous influence not just in changing the music industry, but his impact on individual lives.His music has set the trend. He sang the songs that captured the tempo, the beat, and the heart stirrings of a generation.
I was not able to meet him, or get close to him when he went here in the Philippines for a concert. Yet, when I listen to his songs, especially those when he was a child, we established a connection. That connection is stronger than anything. It's like he's here, with me, singing with me, singing the whys and hows and whats of life.

Music is like gospel, the one that Thomas, one of the disciples felt and believed in, without even seeing. And Michael will last even beyond us, mere mortals who walk this earth. His beautiful voice, like the one in this video, will haunt us with a loving sweetness, sweeter than honey, forever. Let Michael entertain us more with this video when he was a kid.


BY the way, the county coroner has ordered more tests on Michael Jackson's body. What's certain--there's no foul play. The coroner ordered for toxicology tests, which would take six to eight weeks to complete. They need to know what caused that massive cardiac arrest that ended the pop superstar's life.

The 9-11 call has been released, indicating that Michael was already unconscious and not breathing even prior to him being sent to the UCLA Medical Center. The first few minutes of a cardiac case is most critical, since immediate first aid should have been done to revive the heart. CNN Medical Correspondent Dr. Gupta said, in the first few minutes of a cardiac arrest, efforts should have been made to revive the patient using electric shock.