Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mrs. Gloria " Mrs. Don Quixote dela MARCHA" Arroyo

Before I leave my house to attend the rally today (please come at this multi-sectoral rally at the corner of Ayala and Paseo de Roxas avenue at 5pm, June 10, 2009), let me first congratulate the Spanish government for awarding Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo with a special award.

Arroyo just got the Don Quixote of the Mancha award, reportedly for her efforts at reintroducing Spanish language training in public schools in the Philippines. I congratulate them for recognizing the "Quixotic" abilities of this pseudo Philippine president.

Yes, Mrs. Arroyo deserves the award. It is a fitting one, seeing how Mrs. Arroyo acts and behaves like Don Quixote especially in governance. How so?

Like Don Quixote, Mrs. Arroyo chases a dream of sitting as president beyond 2010. She's too afraid to see herself, her entire family and their friends behind bars, that she'll do everything in her power, even break the Constitution, just to pursue her dream of outlasting former strongman Ferdie Marcos.

Arroyo is actually Mrs. Don Quixote dela Marcha, seeing that she marshals her devil flock to the pit of destruction by using government resources to fund a Constitutional Assembly. She gave the go-signal for her sons to spearhead the cha-cha gravy train, giving them the power to allocate 20 million pesos each for those who'll support her devilish plan.

She deserves being called Mrs. Don Quixote dela Mancha, because she wants a government similar to the oppressive Spanish colonial government that ruled this country for over 300 years. She wants to enslave the Filipino People. If she could live a thousand years and if there's a herb over in Quiapo, she'll buy it just to sit as benevolent president beyond 2010.

She dreams of amassing trillions of pesos from government projects, more than those billions that the Marcos family got when they're in power. It's pay-back time for Gloria, a revenge from the time when the Filipino people rejected his father's dig at a second term. Personally, I think that Gloria has this silent longing to outclass both her father and Marcos.

She wants to rule this country until 2020, either as president or Prime Minister. And she also wants the very distinction of being the Number One in the list of Guinness Book's The World's Biggest Thief.

While we wallow in extreme poverty, Mrs. Arroyo and her ilk continue their wanton disregard of basic human rights and amass tremendous wealth.

Mrs. Arroyo intends to stay in power, whatever happens and in spite of the enormous opposition of the Filipino People. It is only through People Power that we will be able to frustrate the ambitions of this devil enfant.