Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Are we about to lose our democracy?

Are we about to lose democracy to a bunch of greedy misfits again? After living in a democracy for twenty three years, we are now on a verge of losing it again. Why?

Are we on the verge of another paradigm shift? Some of those in power desires for more power. While those without desires for more slavery.

Those who push for the restoration of despotism and elite domination all lived and thrived under the fascist dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos. They tasted power back then. They were the first born of a dictatorship committed to the fascistic concept of domination. These people think its their birthright to lead the charge and restore the very monster we slain over twenty years ago.

I think of our situation as like that of Cory Aquino's. She's down with an illness, many considered fatal. She lost her appetite but trying to hold on. She and her family have all surrendered her fate to God.

Like Cory, our people have lost the appetite to fight and instead, have left it to God to determine their fates. Are we about to lose the very thing which Cory and a host of other patriots sacrificed their lives for? What did we do to deserve such a dishonor?

The very fact that, for the last couple of years, our situation got worst simply justifies some people re-imagining the model for governance. More and more people are believing that democracy is not for us and the right one is a system where we let the elites decide for us. That thing called parliamentary is actually elite domination in another form. In such a system, we just lost our right to decide for ourselves since we will all leave the decision-making to a bunch of rich kids.

Do we deserve this? No.

We deserve a better government. We deserve leaders that think and act with all respect for other people's rights. We deserve a system that rewards our good deeds and punish us when we commit bad deeds. We don't deserve a plutocracy or even an aristocracy, no.

We deserve democracy. For all its flaws, democracy remains the very aspiration of our forebears. It is therefore, our responsibility to preserve and defend democracy whenever it is being threatened by the forces of fascism.