Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Plastic Surgery

It all started late last year when National Security adviser Norberto Gonzales floated the idea of having a transition government. He then followed it up with another trial balloon, this time suggesting a revolutionary government. Now, things are heating up, especially in Mindanao. Today, six bombs went off, and six people got killed.

Coincidence? Maybe. Or maybe not.

What's certain is, this government would not allow itself to go down in defeat. No. It has gotten itself deeper and deeper into trouble that it now fears the future. Even its own shadow, it fears. The frightful prospect of living without power fuels this government's drive to commit even more atrocities for self-preservation. Here, a person deprived of power loses all. And these people have enjoyed most of the gains all these eight years and the very thought that it could still pull some strings, or some rabbit out of their hats makes them ever so bold.

An example---House Resolution 1109. Despite tremendous opposition and wise counsel, allies of this regime pushed ahead and won. Yes, everything's quiet now. Yes, things could possibly be achieved now. The very thought that they could replicate what happened last June 2, makes these people bolder and bolder. Brazen even. And that makes them so dangerous.

The very fact that these people are motivated not solely by greed but by their passion for ideologically based revolts. Their dedication is unquestionable. Their will, steeled by experience. They want to push for an authentic revolution. But, the more they do so, the more they transfrom from genuine revolutionaries into unrepentant despots and tyrants.

Their desire for change have blinded them. They think that they can do the surgery themselves. They think that these drastic changes they so desire can be achieved by a surgical strike.

What they're doing though is not doctrinaire but plastic surgery. Yes, plastic bordering on fakery.