Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Malacanang crumbling

These past few days we saw how Malacanang's spin meisters crumbled under pressure to tell the truth about Mrs. Arroyo's health condition. We see how communication channels seemed to have vanished inside the image machinery of Malacanang. One, the "leak" could not have happened if Malacanang maintained strong relations with the media. Those articles just show how weak Malacanang is in that department. Second, subsequent commentaries and jokes just show how amateurish Malacanang's PR handlers are handling the entire thing. And lastly, there seems to be miscommunication among government agencies. No unified message. And no one is brave enough to lead the charge or hold the baton.

This is simply an indication of a crumbling communication infrastructure, a trait shared by regimes about to fall flat on their faces.

One explanation seems to be a steady stream of resignations from Mrs. Arroyo's press team. Mrs. Arroyo is slowly being isolated. People close to her are leaving her and going to the private sector. Again, these are signs of the end of this regime.

It's really expected since Cerge Remonde is no communication expert. Yes, he's a former journalist but unlike former press undersecretary JoCab, he knows nothing about effective crisis and image strategies. Even Lorelei Fajardo seems inadequate and ineffective on her job.

Malacanang needs a plumber and fast. Otherwise, expect a further deterioration and eventual demise of this regime, sooner than later.