Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mindanao hit by bombs: Selective State of Emergency?

" War is showbusiness. That's why we are here."

---Connie Bean, in the Movie "Wag the Dog", 1997

Another bomb exploded in Jolo, this time killing at least six people. A few hours after, a bomb also took off in Iligan. If we are to believe what the AFP says, these bombs incidents already hit the 40th mark.

The National Security Advisory Council has just been called by Mrs. Arroyo. They're expected to discuss the peace and order situation. Mindanao is a hot topic.

Filipino Observer (http://filipinoobserver.blogspot.com/) has a very good analysis on these things. Forces are at work here.

Uncanny that these bombs are going off in the midst of talks that government and the MILF have reached an agreement to go back to the negotiating table. Despite these, government thru Jesus Dureza and Peace adviser Sonny Razon insist that talks would push thru.

There is really a break down of peace and order in Mindanao. Previous to this, Metro Manila was also hit by bomb scares. Are we now to believe what former speaker Joe de Venecia said that these things are preliminary to the declaration of a State of Emergency?

At the very least, what I think government is trying to lay the groundwork on is selective declaration of a state of emergency. Mrs. Arroyo and her hawks would try their luck first on Mindanao, then, as SONA nears or a week after SONA, they'll experiment on this here in Metro Manila.

This could justify what Defense secretary Gilbert Teodoro initially announced--that these things are still inadequate to justify a State of Emergency or martial rule. With all these bombings justify the plan of Mrs. Arroyo to stay a decade longer?

Be very vigilant. This regime is still trying to figure out how to circumvent what Washington said a few days ago. Mrs. Arroyo will simply not go down without a fight. What a pity.