Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mrs. Arroyo's Good News at the SONA

Why is the palace so confident that after the State of the Nation Address by Mrs. Arroyo, the people would now have a different take on her? What's the good news then?

You guessed right---Mrs. Arroyo would finally announce that she's not considering declaring martial law and she's definitely not interested on a third term. Yep. That's a paragraph or two in her SONA draft. And she'll also announce that the elections are really on.

There's a clincher though. A paragraph or two there says that " social changes ought to be done", implying that we need charter change. So, Mrs. Arroyo and her minions are still desirous of cha-cha. Another good news---Mrs. Arroyo would definitely say that it's not time for it and she'll let the next president do this.

The question is---why the sudden change? Was it because of the briefing that Panetta gave to Mrs. Arroyo? Is it because of Dennis Blair? Panetta would just laugh at this since the briefing was all about terrorism, and not the elections, says Teodoro.

Anyway, if this source of mine is right, then, I congratulate Mrs. Arroyo. At last, she woke up from her crazy dreams.