Thursday, July 16, 2009

Obama summons Mrs. Arroyo

Malacanang is now lost for words. Gary Olivar, Mrs. Arroyo's spokesperson, doubts how to describe the visit. Surely, it's not a state nor a working visit. What is it is a summons, according to former Arroyo Cabinet member Teresita Deles. And its not lovely, when you're being summoned.

What this trip is is a variation of what Barack Obama did to Mexican president Felipe Calderon. When Calderon encountered problems on security, Obama went to Mexico, a sign that Washington was concerned.

Since the Philippines is just a minor player in the region, and a former colony of the mighty States, a summons is enough. But, Malacanang has a problem.

The White House just said, Mrs. Arroyo's entourage should only be up to seven people. Yet, there are 100 Congressmen itching to meet Obama. Pano yan Gloria? Pano mo ngayon ipapaliwanag sa mga tuta mo na ang trip mo eh actually pagalit sa iyo?