Thursday, July 16, 2009

Suhol Card?

Pfizer representative Angel(?) Pascual was interviewed over DZMM last night. Pascual did more harm than good. She revealed that the Sulit card was launched 2002 and has benefitted close to 1.9 million. Though she's a good speaker, Pascual however revealed too much info to be desired. First, she said that Pfizer is really not amenable to the Cheaper Medicines law which only shows that these current efforts to do a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) are geared towards undermining the implementation of the law. So, that Sulit card is really a "suhol card" (as described by Ted Failon) coached in marketingspeak. Why? They offered it last May. Although Pfizer wants to emphasize that the offer was made prior to the release of the 22 drugs which Duque wants to tag an MRP. Surely, the purpose of this discount card program is delimit the coverage of the law.

Pfizer is really on the forefront of efforts to undermine a Filipino law. And based on the tone of Pascual, it seems that the multinational giant really wants to impose their will, their desire upon us. Which is revolting to say the least.

Pfizer should be taught a lesson. Maybe a wide and expansive mass movement should do the trick.