Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Of leaks and crumbling implants

My, my, my, this news on Mrs. Arroyo's boob job is getting interesting by the minute. The Inquirer today reported that the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) have been tasked to probe on the source of the leak on Mrs. Arroyo's operation. NBI agents are now questioning medical staff of the Asian Hospital.

Why? Is the NBI interested on knowing the size of Mrs. Arroyo's cysts? Or, probably, they want to know how Mrs. Arroyo reacted during the operation? Or, probably, they want to know if the Asian Hospital did a good job so that they'll be able to recommend the hospital to others who want a mammoplasty or a biopsy which, hold your breath, costs 38,000 pesos.

This is getting out of hand. Why do they want to know the source of the leak? Because, they say, it constitutes a crime. Under the Revised Penal Code, information about the Office of the President is not to be shared publicly since it is considered as "matters of national security." Okey. So, a boob job is actually a cause of national concern, is that it?


Anyway, expect this under a mafia-like government such as Arroyo's. In previous occasions, those who leaked out information are always ostracized and persecuted. Look at what happened to Jun Lozada. Lozada is an example of someone who leaked information on a crucial contract which the First Couple was reported to have engaged in.

Leaks always happen especially in a dying government. When a government enters its twilight stage, expect former benefactors to abandon ship and squeal.

You can't prevent people from leaking information, as sensitive as this, because people nowadays are already aware. People have been made as cadres already and have realized their social roles.

What's the purpose of all of these? Is Malacanang afraid that people will again remember the fakeries this government have instituted since it assumed power. Are they afraid that people might remember these tyrannical implants that minions of Mrs. Arroyo implanted on all government institutions? Or they're fearful that people might connect the word "fake" with "Mrs. Arroyo"?