Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The 9th SONA of Gloria

I don't want to sound like a fatalist or a believer in the occult arts, but I like to direct your attention to the date of Mrs. Arroyo's Ninth State of the Nation Address.

The date is July 27, 2009, right? July is the seventh month of the year. If you add 7 to 27, it becomes 34. Add 34 to 2, then 0, and another 0 and 9, what do you get? The sum would be 45, right? Add 4 and 5, and it comes out as 9.

Eerie, is'nt? The numerological equivalent of the date coincides with the number of times of Mrs. Arroyo's SONA. Even if you add 9 to 9, you'll get 18 which, add 1 and 8, it still produces 9.

What's the significance?

Nine symbolises the end. It presents a conclusion. It is also a mystical number to the Masons, ascribing it as the eternal number of humanity and also a number considered by many civilizations as a number expressing completion and humility.

In the Tarot, the number signifies completion of a cycle. While the Baha'i faith considers the number 9 as unity.

For us, truly, this ninth SONA of Mrs. Arroyo should be considered as the ending and the final show of the greatest pretender and destroyer of democracy in this country. And as always, when there's an end, renewal and change always follows.

I just pray that what follows after this SONA would not be another Arroyo. Or an Arroyo, albeit, in a totally different form but with the same devilish laugh.