Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Teodoro denies plans to institute Martial Law

Defense secretary Gilbert "Gibo" Teodoro says that government does not plan to declare martial law for one obvious reason---it is legally unjustified.

First, he says that there's no insurrection or rebellion. And second, public safety, at this point, is simply not compromised, as yet. He also indicated that Malacanang does not plan to even declare a State of Emergency, since, he considers these as counter-productive.

While I'm writing this, a bomb exploded in Jolo, injuring one policeman. This is the 39th time a bomb exploded in Mindanao.

Now, Teodoro said that if these bombing incidents are being perpetuated even by one single member of the government, he'll prosecute them. Teodoro likewise said that he'll disassociate himself with those who want to further confuse and sow terror. For Teodoro, these acts are counter-productive.

The AFP has blamed a certain Baja Usman, an alleged member of the MILF special ops group as the mastermind behind the bombings. The military even connected the regional terror group to the MILF, which the MILF immediately condemned in a statement.

What Teodoro, however, failed to say is what if government, particularly those hawks within Arroyo's inner circle plan a self-coup, similar to previous God Save the Queen plans? Will he stand up and condemn it when it happens? That's obviously the plan of some ideologues within the regime---to launch a coup and institute a "revolutionary government". This is what National Security Adviser Norberto Gonzales suggested a few weeks ago. Shortly after Bertgon's statement, bombs subsequently went off in successive fashion in Mindanao and Metro Manila.

Will Teodoro also disassociate himself and condemn this coup if it ever happens?

Important also to note that Teodoro's statement now contradicts the statement made earlier by Executive secretary Eduardo Ermita. Ermita said that Malacanang will not tarry a minute longer in declaring a State of Emergency if violence breaks out in the SONA. Is this indicative that Teodoro no longer enjoys exclusive privilege as a member of Arroyo's inner circle?