Saturday, July 4, 2009

Transparency and Responsibility

I wrote a piece over at FilipinoVoices, urging Malacanang to "come clean" and "be transparent", particularly in the status of Mrs. Arroyo's health. The piece is actually a constructive one, aimed at helping them handle these sensitive image problems that they're encountering.

Sources told me thru email that many of Mrs. Arroyo's closest advisers and operators are leaving the palace. NPR was able to confirm some, particularly the one that involves my former colleague who now works in a business processing firm. He was formerly an undersecretary of Mrs. Arroyo handling the press. I learned from a media friend that he already resigned and went back to the corporate world.

So, what convinced these decent people to leave Mrs. Arroyo? Well, for one, indications point to a "softening" stance inside the palace over plans to extend her term, thanks to relentless efforts made by civil society over charter change and subtle threats which came from political and military personalities.

Simply put, we made her "reconsider" her future plans because we, the People, repulsed her and her forces of evil every step of the way. We showed our disgusts when they pushed for House Resolution 1109. Nearly a hundred thousand people registered against charter change online.

Indications point to Malacanang now doing the "right" thing and it started yesterday when Cerge Remonde revealed the true medical condition of Mrs. Arroyo. We expect similar gestures in the next few months of this administration.

We expect them to come clean by revealing what were the issues discussed during the meeting of Arroyo and Jaime Zobel de Ayala. They also must come clean and reveal if they really have an agenda regarding charter change. Likewise, they should also come clean regarding talks that Malacanang is actually behind the bravado of PMA Class 1978 in contesting sensitive posts in both the AFP and the PNP.

Why is that? Because Malacanang should realize that it has the responsibility of ensuring a smooth transition of power AND make doubly sure that the damage they wrought against institutions of governance remain transitory, not permanent. They still have some months to do just that.