Monday, October 26, 2009

Samahang Magdalo endorses Chiz Escudero

General Danilo "Danny" Lim, to me, is the exemplar of the best leader. Despite being proclaimed as one of former president Joseph Estrada's senatoriables, Lim just announced that he is running as an independent. Good. That shows that Lim holds the right ideological direction. He recognizes that the time is right for an independent political movement that would hold itself strong against traditional political parties.

The May 2010 is the best time for all revolutionists to unite and form the pillars of their own political party. In fact, our times really call for an alternative party that has the right ideological mix but exercises an independent political muscle as well. Previous experiments in political work (i.e. Ang Kapatiran) failed because it lacked political muscle. A movement, to be successful, should be able to function independently as an organization, directed by the right collective vision and mission, and moving towards one direction, that is, the rehabilitation of this country.

A revolutionary situation exists, yes. This situation is favorable to all those who seek changes in this country. Yet, the direction is perceived differently by most actors in this political game. Some say, this is the time for strengthening of the political organization, which I agree. While some say, this is the proper time to flex the muscle, which I also agree.

I do believe that 2013 is the year for all revolutionists' to unite behind one politico-ideological party. First, when all groups achieve electoral victory in 2010, that is more than just an affirmation of the People's trust in the collective struggle. Second, when all groups field their respective candidates in the local levels, that, in itself, is grassroots work par excellence. Lastly, when cadres are being shaped within the military organization and fielded in the right time and the right place, that ensures the readiness of successors.

General Lim should take the cudgels of leadership and form a political movement that is poised to take change work seriously.

Now, on the endorsement of Samahang Magdalo of Nationalist People's Coalition (NPC) bet Chiz Escudero, I dare say that it is more as a tactical move than anything. Firstly, Chiz has character, yes, I agree. And I am awaiting what he will say about the coconut levy fund mess which his benefactor is involved in. Should he announce that he will not give away 130 billion pesos to the Cojuangco, that shows true grit and character.

Secondly, Chiz has the vision. What it is, we, the People, still don't know. Only those members of Samahang Magdalo who voted for him, knows about it.

Lastly, according to Sonny Trillianes, he has leadership skills. Where was he when adherents for change were arrested in the Pen? Where was he when then young lieutenants staged all those legendary events in Malacanang?

I got the chance to ask my friend about this and he says that this pronouncement of the Samahang Magdalo shows that rumours of NPC and the administration party coalescing is in the realm of total speculation. Chiz will be going all-out in his bid. He is gunning for a win.

Samahang Magdalo's decision to work behind Chiz Escudero's presidential bid is their decision and as Secretary General of the Young Organizers' Union (YOU), owing our roots to the Young Officer's Union (YOU) of 1987, I respect their decision.

It would have been totally excellent if they assumed the stance of General Lim who announced that he is running as an independent, indicating that he is organizing the very backbone of the political party that will be the ascendant organization come 2010 and 2013.

Samahang Magdalo exists as an independent aggrupation but they have to realize that they are part of the entire movement for change, led by revolutionists.