Saturday, October 24, 2009

Save Our Nation for National Transformation: Philippines 2020

Save our Nation ( is a new initiative by New Patriots led by Don Flordeliza which aims to encourage Filipinos to contribute their share in nation-building.

Flordeliza, in his website, says that every Filipino should transform himself as an agent of change and provide his thoughts on rehabilitating our country. More than the physical rehabilitation brought by calamities, Don wrote that it is equally important for us to emphasize the rehabilitation of the Filipino geist or Spirit.

What is the meaning of all of these?

It means that while we do the rehabilitation work of our damaged infrastructure, we need to rehabilitate the damaged Filipino psyche. This, for me, is most important. Rehabilitating our institutions is the order of the Day.

Our nation is now severely damaged wrought not just by natural calamities, but by the failures of the present generation of leaders to provide us with the vision and the direction towards a New Philippines.

" It is a call of the leaders and individuals who will respond to the present needs of the Filipino people," says Don in a phone conversation.

I say:

This is a challenge to all those who idealizes a better Philippines. This is a challenge to those young and idealist officers in the field and those generals who still hold the fire of " We Belong" and " Our Dreams shall never die."

Provide us with the muscle. Provide us with your dreams. Provide us with your direction and the People will follow.

This coming elections is not the answer to the People's yearning for a Better Philippines. No. This, in fact, will contribute to the further weakening of our institutions and a faster degeneration of our Nation.

This elections is a security nightmare that would trigger more instability and more destruction.

The times call for leaders who shall re-imagine our Reality and put things in order. The call is NOW.

Collectively, save our Nation for National Transformation. 

I salute comrade Don Flordeliza for providing the online platform for this initiative. Let this be the start of something beautiful. Let a million flowers bloom because of this. Mabuhay! Onward with the People's Struggle!