Thursday, November 19, 2009

Oplan August Moon and the War of the Generals

A silent war rages because the "top Kingmaker" is showing signs of giving herself up. And the class that adopted her fears for their careers.

PinoyObserver ( wrote a very interesting piece about Oplan August Moon, the supposed plot by members of PMA Class 1978. The plot, says PinoyObserver is slowly unfolding, with the recent changes in the AFP leadership. And NPR sources say, the revamp also looms in the Philippine National Police (PNP).

Why is it significant for members of this Class to gain the upper hand against other PMA classes prior to June 2010? Simple. Their mistah, Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, will take her "brief vacation" as Chief Executive by then, and a new president would have been elected. Members of this class fears that a change of leadership would also undermine their chances of controlling the military establishment.

Former president Fidel V. Ramos earlier warned members of the class not to toy with the Fates and not undertake adventurism. Lt. General Detabali earlier spoke for and on behalf of Class 1978 and said that members of the class are "gentlemen" and would not break the chain of command.

And it seems that the plan or "plot" is not about a coup or an engagement against the prevailing order. It is actually a plan to engage members of rival classes, PMA Class 1979 and 1977 to a "leadership struggle."

AFP sources say PMA class 1977 and 1979 "hate the guts" of some members of PMA Class 1978. PMA Class 1977 members, who counts presidentiable Manny Villar as an honorary member, are being eased out slowly in favor of PMA Class 1978. Members of PMA Class 1979 are also being put in a "freezer", since some generals perceive the class as a threat.

Now, it would take just a couple of weeks for us to see if the power brokers do intend to take things seriously and put the entire military chain of command in total jeopardy. When that happens, how much would actually be at stake?