Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Escudero-Madrigal? or Escudero-Lacson?

What would prevent a Chiz Escudero-Jamby Madrigal teamup? Nothing. Is it viable? Yes.

First, Madrigal claims to have solicited the support of cause-oriented groups. Those groups would bolster Escudero's grassroots machinery. Second, will the People support such a tandem? Yes, because both have positioned themselves as issues-based legislators.

Would a tandem such as this rate high in the surveys? Not so sure about it, since this is a new and latest political development.

The question really is---will Madrigal abandon her senatorial campaign in exchange for this? Nobody knows for sure. Should they decide to run, it is best for progressives to support them. That would be the start of something great and beautiful.

How about Escudero-Lacson? Palaban. Yet, this will court administration ire. Is it viable? Yes, it is. Lacson is a serious change agent. Both of them compliment each other.