Tuesday, November 3, 2009

NPC as political prostitute

We're seeing the diminution of traditional political party setups and the slow disintegration of original trapo political parties. As confirmed by this site a few days ago, Lakas is teaming up with NPC, not to push for a Teodoro-Legarda tandem, which, as some sources say, is in the realm of Akira Kurusawa (Dreams); but to enhance their respective ranks. Lakas has been plagued by desertions, same case with NPC. It is but natural for both parties to merge for self-preservation.

Some say, this is the major reason why Escudero and Legarda decided to bolt their parties. Both candidates do not want their names associated with an NPC-Lakas merger. Natural for Escudero to form his own movement since he is being supported by progressives and reformist groups. While Legarda has to butterfly to other parties not entirely critical against the administration, but positioning themselves also as "oppositionist" by name or association.

On the part of Legarda, natural for her to gravitate towards Villar because the Nacionalista is not under the administration list of possible targets for demolition. Under a Villar-Legarda tandem, Loren will remain an NPC member, indicating that this is purely for 2010 reasons.

With Legarda under the Villar wing, she will eventually enjoy the strength of Villar's machinery and preserve her strong ties both with NPC and Lakas. She will definitely be endorsed by NPC as their vice presidential candidate and of course, by the Nacionalista.

The merger between NPC and Lakas will benefit Loren Legarda. There is that possibility that the NPC will only support Teodoro as president in deference to Lakas , and Legarda as vice. The Villar-Legarda tandem does not necessarily mean that the entire NPC will support Villar. What NPC will do is open itself up for the possibility of supporting Teodoro only as president and not supporting a vice presidential candidate. If this happens, this benefits Loren.

By the way, why Villar for Legarda in the first place?

Unknown to many, Villar already entered in an agreement with Mrs. Arroyo. Villar will not prosecute Mrs. Arroyo for high crimes against the people should he win the elections. Villar is also open to the possibility of shifting to a parliamentary setup post-2010. What we are now seeing is an alliance of pro-Arroyo groups austensibly to prevent a Noynoy Aquino win or an Erap win.

Eventually, these trapos (Noynoy's Liberal and Erap's UNO are traditional oppositionists on the left-of-right side of the political spectrum same as the Nacionalista and NPC positioned on the middle-of-right) will negate themselves and pave the way for a victory of a third force.