Friday, November 20, 2009

Liberal Party is The New Lakas and the so-called Noynoy Mafia

With most Lakas Kampi members joining them, it seems that the Liberal Party is really turning as the New Lakas. And I thought that Senator Noynoy Aquino III is for transformative politics. 

When you're ahead of the game, you create a vacuum that sucks even the scums in. And I'm not referring to either Belmonte nor Recto 

I'm referring to so-called non-trapos turning into trapos as fast as they blink their eyes. I am not surprised one bit. Simply that I really don't expect these politicians to behave like they really meant what they say about service to the people.

These people dress like the people, talk like they're really honest and posture themselves like immaculate concepcions during or near elections. But, like I said before, they're all the same.

The Liberal Party is being destroyed from within by the very same elites that created it. A defector, former senator Serge Osmena III revealed that, this early, Noynoy Aquino is now a victim of this creature called syndicalism.

Noynoy's so-called "transformative politics" is being transformed into a veritable "syndicate" composed of the Cojuangcos, the Aquinos and even, surprising, the Black and White Movement. This early, layers have been created to insulate Noynoy from others who want to take part in this so-called "movement".

And to think that we had had enough of Kamaganak Incorporated.

Seriously, we are in deep shit.

We do not have qualified men to fulfill the task of really changing this country for the better. All of them, even Noynoy, are trapos. They tried to show people that they are transformative but in reality, they are as trapo as the true Lakas-Kampi CMD.

Rebolusyon na lang kaya tayo?