Friday, November 13, 2009

Loren Legarda's Money Demands irked Chiz Escudero

Ding Gagelonia's explosive revelation behind Chiz Escudero's resignation merits public attention. Check his story out at Based on the story, Loren Legarda's 500 million peso demand and her dilatory tactics left Chiz Escudero without a choice but to leave NPC. Legarda, as what one source of Gagelonia says, demanded 500 million pesos from the NPC, then agreed to lower it down to 300 million pesos. Numerous instances where both Escudero and Legarda could have talked things out were squelched.

Seems like the inside story behind Escudero's resignation was neither nationalist nor personal. Escudero resigned from the party because talks between him and Legarda were getting nowhere. The push-and-pull of Escudero's and Legarda's forces ripped the possibility of a tandem apart, leading, as we now see, a presidential-less NPC.

Now, Gagelonia's expose does not discount the possibility that certain forces within the party itself wanted this to happen, simply, isolate Escudero, make things hard for him, and force him to take the road less travelled by politicians, that is, take refuge with minority power brokers.

I still maintain the stance that what Escudero did was a maverick move. Since he felt that the only true thing about the Nationalist People's Coalition is it's a coalition of people sans nationalism, then, it is but logical for him to salvage his reputation as an oppositionist and abandon a lost cause.

Okey, Escudero is faced with a monumental decision---pursue a losing proposition or just stay where he is right now, and hope for better times in the future. Escudero is in a bind. If he pursues his presidential bid and lose, Escudero's chances of getting it the second time are very slim. If he withdraws from the game at this point, Escudero still loses because what that means is weakness, a trait not entirely seen as admirable by the electorate.

Escudero, as what my sources say, is being egged to just support Noynoy Aquino. Aquino's camp admitted talks with Escudero. There is, however, no clear indication if those talks are even going anywhere, but this too is not entirely beneficial for Escudero.

Net---Escudero has to be the People's David and fight these traditional monsters that created this society we live right now.