Friday, December 4, 2009

Come 2010, a President Estrada, an Estrada as Senate President and an Ejercito as Speaker

There are those who refuse to see what's before them for lack of knowledge or simply want to close their eyes to the truth.

Come 2010, if the people decide, then, we will have a Joseph Estrada as president, his legitimate son, Jinggoy Estrada as Senate President and an illegitimate son, JV Ejercito, as Speaker. Talk about an Estrada restoration, this one is for the Guinness book of World Records.

And we condemn the Ampatuans for being warlords when we face the possibility of just one family dominating our entire country and dictating our very future for six years.

If Manny Villar wins the presidency, then, I see a repeat of the despised Arroyo regime. Imagine a president having his son in Congress and having an ex-Congresswoman as First Lady? What are the chances of his son being elected Speaker of the House while Villar sits as president? Likely, yes.

This is also the case of Gilbert "Gibo" Teodoro, who wants to field his mother as Congresswoman of Tarlac, replacing his wife, the lovely Nikki Prieto-Teodoro. A mother and son tandem ruling the government?

How about the case of Noynoy Aquino? Should he wins, he will have a Councilor in Valenzuela as first lady?

Worst if we elect former president Joseph Estrada. Imagine a scenario where Erap sits as president while his son, Jinggoy Estrada serves as Senate President. That is not far-fetched since Jinggoy enjoys top spot as a senator in all surveys. If Jinggoy clinches the no. 1 position as Senator in this elections, we may have to contend with the possibility of an Estrada as Senate President.

If Estrada dies due to old age or disease, and efforts are made to discredit the vice president, then, another Estrada replaces the old one. Cute. :-)

Don't forget that another son, JV Ejercito, is gunning for the Congressional seat of San Juan, while his mother, Guia, is poised to win the mayoral post which JV will vacate come June 2010.

Come 2010, that would surely bring the entire Philippine House down---an Erap for president, a Jinggoy for Senate President and a JV Ejercito for Speaker. If all of them wins, then, we literally have a dynastic family ruling the entire Philippine political system. This is the surest way for us to have our very first Constitutional monarchy---an Estrada one, at that. Wow!

So you think that Erap has the moral authority to demand the Arroyos not to seek elective posts when all of his family are involved in this elections?

Besides, we saw how the Estradas abused their power when they occupied Malacanang. And we all know that Estrada is what, as Ebdane says, "utak pulbura" (meaning a war-freak), then, we can say that Estrada can be likened to an Andal Ampatuan.

Probably yes. Imagine, Ejercitos dominating the political system, armed with guns and their bullies, again.

And this is simply not too different when you ask me about Bangon Pilipinas presidential bet Eddie Villanueva. Villanueva has a son for a Congressman whom reports say will run as a legislator in Bulacan. Another Villanueva sits as mayor in one of the towns in Bulacan too. Should Eddie wins, then, we have a possible repeat of an Arroyo-like regime.

So, who do we choose?

The worst evil is elect an Estrada. The least evil, is, I think, vote for a Noynoy who will simply not allow a repeat of the Kamag-anak Incorporated that dominated his mother's administration. Or, will he really not allow this?

I say go for a JC delos Reyes. Oh, by the way, a JC win would translate into a Gordon? Wala na talaga.

Kay Nicanor Perlas na lang tayo.:-0