Tuesday, March 16, 2010

National Historical Institute is out of tune

I don't really see the point being made by the National Historical Institute (NHI). As a historiographer myself, I think it is stupid for the NHI to monitor every single artist or citizen out there while they're singing the National anthem.

Instead of correcting the errors in history books and probably engaging people in more relevant pursuits, like reminding them of the important events in our history, people over there at NHI are acting like voice coaches or music teachers.

Why file a case against Arnel Pineda or Martin Nievera just because they sang the national anthem in a higher pitch or tune than the others. Are we really fooling ourselves?

Who, really knows how to sing Felipe's masterpiece? Who, except the composer and the lyricists who are both dead, know the exact tune or pitch or cadence of our national song.

One's love for the country is not to be measured by the pitch or the tune that one gives out whenever he sings the anthem. We live in a democracy and we can sing it in whatever manner we want for as long as we don't change the lyrics.

Net--its not the tune stupid. It's the lyrics that matter.

I will be the first one to militate against those who will change the lyrics of our national anthem. That is a totally different matter altogether.

The NHI is acting like Hitler's SS when, again, they want Pinoy international artist Arnel Pineda charged for singing the national anthem higher in pitch and tune than what the composer intended. Lest the NHI forget--we are in a democracy and something as trivial as a higher tune is excusable.

It would disparage the memory of our heroes and patriots if the NHI continues to behave like old hags with a stick in hand, ready to strike someone's butt for singing in tune, but in a higher pitch. This is not the way to educate the people about our heritage and history. Fact is--this is the most insolent and the most stupid way to illuminate us of the finer points of our history.

And Arnel Pineda should not apologize. Fact is, Pineda should even give the NHI a piece of his creative mind.