Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Joey de Venecia III and his Fight

Joey de Venecia III is one of 50 or so people aspiring for a Senate post. And for Filipinos voting as absentee voters starting April 10, Joey de Venecia III comes to mind as the main whistleblower in the anomalous ZTE-NBN scandal.

A few people think that Joey de Venecia III does not deserve a senate seat because he belonged to a traditional political family. Most though laud and admire him for what he did--he rose up to put a stop to anomalies in government transactions. Had he not come out from his comfort zone, we would not have known these illicit deals.

Joey de Venecia III will be judged in history as the man who rose up and stood for what is Right, Just and Honest.

If he wins this May 10, 2010 elections, Joey de Venecia III will be the first citizen to ever be elected straight to the Senate. And it looks like he will hack it.

Surveys show Joey de Venecia III landing in the Magic 12 of preferred senatoriables. And asking the masses of the people also gives us a more than bigger chance of him successfully winning in this elections.

The question that everybody is asking is this---will he continue the fight for honest and good governance in the halls of the Senate?