Friday, May 21, 2010

ABS-CBN 2 should extend Robin Padilla's stay at Wowowee!

Ted Failon's interview today with action star and idol Robin Padilla is hilarious (programang Failon at Sanchez over at DZMM). Padilla, who replaced Willie Revillame as host of ABS-CBN's no. 1 noontime show, is really the most appropriate replacement for the former bastos host.

Padilla is the anti-thesis to Revillame.

One, he's courteous to his female co-hosts, unlike Revillame who always fight and debases them, which is not surprising since Revillame is like that in real life. Remember his numerous domestic abuse cases and his string of divorces.

Padilla is eye-candy in television, unlike Revillame who needs to pay people up just for them to say that he's handsome.

Three, Padilla is taal managalog, meaning, he's a natural Tagalog speaker. That's good for young kids and parents out there.

Padilla's good manners will definitely rub off to Wowowee's numerous televiewers. Padilla's presence will redefine the noontime television landscape because his presence disabuse the minds of the public about comedians lording it over noontime shows.

Padilla is entertaining in his own way, unlike Revillame whose jokes are either over the top or plain and straight bastos. Padilla is also very charming, and very natural, unlike Willie who is obnoxious and very crass.

I appeal to ABS-CBN 2 management---retain Padilla and junk Revillame. If you choose to retain Revillame, you'll just prove 5 things:

One, you tolerate bad behavior.
Two, you tolerate high-strung, mayayabang and very obnoxious individuals.
Three, you tolerate wife beaters and discourteous people.
Fourth, you want to swallow your own vomit.
Fifth, you encourage disrespectful employees. How many times did Revillame disrespect management? I can't count with my own fingers.