Friday, May 21, 2010

Wanted sa Radyo: Entertaining and True Servant of the Filipino People

Wanted sa radyo (RMN News Manila, 2:30-4pm, every day, Monday to Friday) host Raffy Tulfo is one journalist who trailblazes in the field of genuine public service. Every afternoon, I listen to Raffy Tulfo and I must say I am definitely impressed. He really defends the poor and the oppressed. His strength I think he gets from the poor folks who go to him for help. Tulfo's heart is in the right place. Listen to him and support him. We need people like him. Congratulations also to his lady co-host Nina Taduran. She's also a superb host.

Kudos to my friends, Ely Saludar and Atty. Sacdalan. They have a hit with Wanted sa Radyo. Same goes to Buddy Oberas, RMN news manila news manager.

I don't really care if Tulfo curses every once in a while. Talaga namang makakamura ka ng tao especially against government officials who do not do their jobs and because of this, people are harmed in the process. Taxpayers must really express themselves in Tulfo's way otherwise, nothing will happen.

If I'm an executive over at one of the networks out there, I will give Tulfo a television show. We need people like him whose heart is really for caring and helping poor people. May God continually bless you, Raffy, idol and friend.